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Outdoor Clothing

Yeomans Outdoors provide an excellent range of Men's, Women's and Kids outdoor clothing from top brands such as Granite and Regatta. You can be sure of the latest designs and the highest quality with our wide selection, including Women's Waterproof Jackets, Men’s Fleece Jackets and Kid's Waterproof Trousers.

men's clothing

men's clothing

Here at Yeomans, we offer a fantastic selection of Men's Clothing to keep you warm and protected from whatever the outdoors throws at you. Whether you're looking for Outdoor Trousers, Waterproof Jackets or Men's Softshell Jackets, we have it all in our wide selection from the top Brands. Browse our full collection of Men's Outdoor Clothing and buy online today.

women's clothing

women's clothing

Our Women's Clothing section includes everything you'll need to stay warm, dry and comfortable no matter what activity you have planned. From Fleece Jackets to Waterproof Trousers, we have it all in our comprehensive selection. We only stock the best outdoor Brands, so check out our full collection of Women’s Outdoor Clothing and buy online today.

Kid's clothing

Kid's clothing

Yeomans Outdoor offer an excellent range of Kids Clothing from the top outdoor Brands. As well as a wide selection of Kid’s Jackets, including Waterproof Jackets, we also offer Kids Footwear so your child can stay warm and dry no matter what the weather. Browse our full collection of Kid’s Outdoor Clothing and buy online today.

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How to Choose Hiking Clothes

Hiking can be sweaty and uncomfortable if you do not have the right Shirts, Trousers, Footwear and Shorts. To avoid foot blisters, chafed skin and prevent damp clothing, you should choose the appropriate Outdoor Clothing that makes the challenging task of hiking comfortable.


What do baselayers do? Baselayers trap a warm layer of air next to the skin whilst wicking moisture away into the next layer of clothing. In effect, the warmth of the body drives heat and moisture from a warm surface (high pressure) to the colder outer layers (low pressure). At Yeomans you'll find a large range of Mens Baselayer Tops and Leggings and Ladies Baselayer Tops and Leggings for all weathers.


When the weather is cold, you should consider Outdoor Clothing such as Hiking Trousers. They offer protection from the sun and crawling insects. Outdoor Clothing should be specifically designed to accomplish their desired purpose since they are not like normal clothing. Temperatures vary in some areas. You should consider purchasing Trousers that zip off and change to Shorts in areas where the weather is warm.


Outdoor Clothing such as Hiking Shirts should be light and fitting. Synthetic Hiking Shirts should be loose since they allow wicking of moisture. They are better than cotton Shirts. Outdoor Clothing made from cotton can be clammy since the material absorbs moisture. The best place to get Outdoor Clothing or advice on the same would be reputable online/offline stores that deal with Outdoor Clothing such as Yeomans Outdoor Leisure.

Trousers And Shorts

To keep moisture away from your skin,Outdoor Clothing must include Socks, Shirts, Trousers and/or Hiking Shorts. In case you are carrying a Rucksack, the moist material on your skin will tend to chafe. Moisture can evaporate well on synthetic materials since they can wick the moisture to the outer surface of the Outdoor Clothing.

Mens Waterproof Jackets

For hikers and walkers alike, a good waterproof jacket is essential. Whether you're walking into the hills, walking the trail or just out generally walking the dog, you need to consider the type of waterproof jackets on offer. The Yeomans range have waterproofs available online and in store, so we literally have got you covered no matter your preferred outdoor activities are.


There are many different types: fleece jackets and half zip pullovers, windproof or non-windproof . All Fleeces will provide warmth and wick moisture away from the body. So why pay more? The brand, how it feels, the design and features, how well it compacts down, how it will last – all good reasons to pay more BUT, a basic Fleece does its job brilliantly.

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